Singing Lessons for Little Singers

Original "Singing Lessons for Little Singers," published 2008.

As a private voice and piano teacher in the South Bay Area, California, Gregory Blankenbehler found himself being asked to teach voice lessons to very young students.   He quickly discovered that unlike for most other instruments, there were essentially no lesson books on the market for children’s private voice lessons.  This is because children are traditionally taught to sing in chorus groups, and because the strain from formal voice lessons is widely thought to be unhealthy for a child’s still-developing voice.

New "Very Young Beginner" series published in 2012.

Gregory discovered, however, that the individual attention of private lessons was the perfect format to address important technical skills of singing that are easily overlooked in larger groups such as proper breath support, use of the high register (head voice) and pure vowels.  With a sensitivity to the unique needs and limitations of children’s voices, Gregory found that early voice lessons could do much to actually prevent vocal damage in young singers by teaching them safe and effective techniques to use in their singing.

The first edition of Singing Lessons for Little Singers was released in 2009 and has sold several hundred copies around the world.  The first level in the new “Very Young Beginner” sub-series was released in January 2012 to much anticipation.

Additional information on Singing Lessons for Little Singers can be found on the series’ website and Facebook page.

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