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In 2008 Gregory Blankenbehler and his wife Erica founded Pitch Perfect Publishing the facilitate the release of their new book Singing Lessons for Little Singers.  (Gregory wrote the singing method and Erica did the illustrations.)  Since that time, they have published a few additional books through the imprint based on Gregory’s studies in historical vocal pedagogy.  A number of Gregory’s articles on music education and various musicology topics are also available on the publisher website.


Singing Lessons for Little Singers

Singing Lessons for Little Singers - CoverWritten for teachers or parents of young children, Singing Lessons for Little Singers offers exciting songs and exercises based on proven pedagogical principles and healthy vocal technique for young students ages 5 to 9 in solo or group voice lessons. This revolutionary method was created to fill the great vacuum of private singing lesson materials for little kids. It combines a system of voice-developing technique exercises with an ear-training and sight-singing course and a collection of enjoyable songs with entertaining lyrics and delightful illustrations. This powerful, comprehensive method has been used by many teachers to great success in teaching children breath technique, healthy use of registers, sight-singing, legato, diction, performance skills, and to sing with good pitch and tone.

Bel Canto Masters Study Series

During the “golden age” of singing in the 18th and early 19th centuries, virtuoso master singers trained in the “old Italian school” sang with such velocity, smoothness and range that it is difficult to find singers today that can attempt to recreate their amazing artistry. Just as Stradivarius is recognized as the best violin maker, master voice teachers of that bel canto era are recognized as the best “voice-makers.” Unfortunately, much of the teachings of these maestros of voice have been lost over time and corrupted with simplistic, incorrect and even harmful teachings that has severely limited the potential of many a singer. The Bel Canto Masters Study Series was created to restore these techniques and teachings to today’s singers by collecting extant manuscripts of the bel canto technique and reissuing them in inexpensive editions reformatted and meticulously annotated for modern comprehension.

Free Articles

As part of our commitment to providing the singing community with educational resources, Pitch Perfect Publishing offers free articles on a range of topics including:

Music Education
Children Singing
Bel Canto
18th century opera
Vocal Pedagogy
Singing Lessons


Additional information on Pitch Perfect Publishing can be found on the publisher’s website.

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