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Dec. 2011, El Dorado Hills, CA.

For the last 11 years, Gregory Blankenbehler has been one of the sought after voice and piano teachers in the El Dorado Hills – Folsom area. He is beloved for the positive and supportive manner he uses in bringing his extensive knowledge and training to his students. Working with students of all ages and abilities, Gregory Blankenbehler’s personal touch of exceptional technical and teaching skills along with careful attention and customization to each individual’s needs has brought musical success to all of his students along with their genuine enjoyment and excitement for their new abilities.

“I seek to inspire my students by teaching them challenging skills, techniques, and stylistic practices while being mindful and supportive of their individual desires and needs so as to instill in them a great love of music and musical performance. I feel I am successful when I empower the student in both ability and desire to embrace great music.”

Gregory teaches private voice and piano in his own studio.  He also teaches private and group voice and the Harmony Road complete music training class for children at the Pacific Institute of Music in Folsom, CA.

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